Solo Show The Winds Cafe, YS Ohio

EXPERIMENTS ON CHAOS & CONNECTION: use every scrap you’ve got

1 Sept 2018

Once again I’ve been welcomed to show my artwork at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs OH.

For the first time in 3 years I am showing my work and for the first time in 3 years, I have taken the time to spend on my personal creative life. My life over this time has consisted of starting and ending my time at a business that I loved. Full of excitement, expansive self-exploration, and heartbreak. I also founded another business which became the start of my professional career on my own terms and in part has given me the opportunity to figure out the balance of life/work and a clearer sense of what it is I really want as a whole. The need for survival thru these times outweighed what I thought was leisurely pleasures I didn’t have the privilege or time to participate in. As a result of diving head first, into the truth of where I was at, I’ve learned that not only is the time taken for my personal creative life essential to my well being but necessary for my “survival”. Join me as I put into perspective and explore one of the pieces of my life that truly fills me up. Fills me up without having to look outside myself, while using “every scrap I’ve got”.

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