I believe that we are all connected, many times in ways we have no idea, recollection or awareness of.

Through my experience I feel there is no way of thoroughly understanding the minute details and mystery of the connection between our physicality and spirituality / how and why they interact in the ways they do. 

This is one of the many reasons I create. My creations are an attempt to scavenger out the possibilities of those interconnections.  I submit to the unknown… Through this submission I use the tools I have in attempt to express the pieces, fractals, that are only a very small piece of the bigger picture and this is why I explore abstraction. The “reality” of the situation is never exactly as it seems and those microscopic places where all of the possibilities of connection happen to collide and intersect completely fascinate me.  

Below are the individual pieces of this series as well as the “building blocks” which are my take on the fundamental basics of physical form. They represent the beginning phases of the metamorphosis from energy to matter. Hope you enjoy!