Thanks to everyone who came out to support me for the opening of “Through the Mask” at Toxic Brew a bit ago for Urban Nights as well as all of you in our lovely cyber community. The turn out was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better reception. I saw faces that I hadn’t seen in years and got to spend time with new friends and old. It was wonderful.  This was a big deal because it was the first show I’ve had in a long time and it represented a sort of rebirth for me.

As some of you know I was represented by a gallery in Washington DC when I lived there a few years back and unfortunately the gallery, which is actually a supposed reputable gallery, ended up stealing more than 50,000 dollars worth of my artwork. They took every piece that I created for them. I tried fighting for years to get my work back but have unfortunately been unsuccessful in retrieving them and believe the works are long gone and have been sold on the black market. While in the process of trying desperately to get my work back I  found out after much research that the owner of the gallery it seems is stealing artwork from some of the artists he represents and using the money to fund his political agenda. He has been tied to the Serbian mafia and is heavily connected to the white house. Pretty surreal stuff huh!?  Unfortunately I am not the first to fall prey to his dirty business dealings.

In short, this show was a big deal for me. I spent several years after having to deal with this sad situation questioning the world in general and had a hard time coming back to creating work again. I was sort of jaded, disappointed and let down (to say the least) that another human being would treat another in that manner.  I have recovered from the experience and have learned that the situation was a gateway for growth and change. I feel blessed to have the love and support that this show and all of you have brought me. It’s just the beginning and I can’t wait to continue to share with you all!

The show will be up for the next month if any of you that were unable to check it out would like to do so.  

their website:

My deepest gratitude,

Stephanie Gooch