I am excited to be participating in this show at the BLUE HOUSE GALLERY a new concept gallery for the area, I believe the first of it’s kind here in Dayton. Here is a brief description of what they are about directly from their website:

The Blue House is site of multiple artist studios, an exhibition space and, soon to be artist residency. Its mission is to bring artists, thinkers and appreciators of the arts, both local and from other regions, together in order to exchange ideas.”

The piece being featured in this show is part of a new abstracted group of work,  completely different than the pieces I’ve been showing for the last couple of months. It’s part of an ongoing series where I explore the connections of every day interactions through the use of social mapping images. These images naturally create the most beautifully intricate and delicate webs that are reminiscent in my mind of the inner workings of the intangible spaces and connections formed by the human thought process as a result of relating to our own version of reality. 

This is one from the series. Different piece to be displayed at the show….



About the show from their website:

The wonderful thing about drawing is that it is indefinable. There are no limits, boundaries or rules embedded in the way a drawing is made or how a drawing exists once it is created. Drawing is inclusive, which makes its reception and interpretation open and wide. This exhibition is a dynamic survey of seven artists who’s work lives in or is concerned with the realm of drawing.